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Music Masterclass

"The idea of ​​music expressed through the creation of a song, where harmony and melody reign supreme. The search for your origins, your own world. 
You need to understand and feel the notes until it becomes a complete work".

The idea of ​​music expressed through the creation of a song, where harmony and melody reign supreme.

This is the concept of the Masterclass in Music - From the Idea to Realization with Nestor Blanco, promoted by Experience Pro. It’s not only a course, it’s a place where you will experience fun and creativity, knowledge and realization. It’s music that takes shape. From the note to the melody. This is not a course about techique, it’s a course of exploration and realization, where creativity is the protagonist. 
A course like this is fundamental for those who live with music, for those who are surrounded by notes every day.

The idea

It’ travel time

A journey to Spain, to Pontevedra, to discover yourself, a journey that starts from the idea and ends with the realization. Like any journey, Experience Pro with Nestor Blanco will make you grow from a professional, emotional and human point of view.

New places will be discovered, new sensations will be experienced, ancient crafts will be known, all in order to stimulate creativity and leave a precious mark of what has been experienced.

To visit new places, and feel them: this means to grow, to make a cognitive journey outside and inside yourself and all this can and must be expressed with music with the harmony of the notes. Days dedicated to music and its vibrations, sound and emotions.

To feel the harmony within us.

  • melody.
  • rhythm.


This is precisely what the course of Nestor Blanco wants to "give" to its students: the possibility to create a feeling heard by everybody. The course, after a small introduction on the concepts of harmony, melody and rhythm, will nclude a work on the melody. To do this all participants will become familiar with digital devices and will learn to work in groups in order to find the right way to express themselves.

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