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Masterclass Art Photography

“My creations are somewhere between paintings and photography. In my images I use pain as a form of beauty, eroticism as a mental lifestyle. 
I express myself and my inner life”.

The experience of photography, the pleasure of the shooting, the emotion of the moment.

This is the core of the Masterclass in Art Photography of Experience Pro. To make it possible isMira Nedyalkova, the photographer of emotions. A course which is not about pure technique but it will help you refine the perception of yourself, giving room to your own personality and sensations. A journey to discover yourself and the art that surrounds us.

The idea

The moment of the journey, the opportunity of the shot

A photographic journey abroad, a photographic journey to Sofia, to discover the immediacy of photography applied to the reasoning of painting.

It’s not only a photography course, it’s a true discovery. Through Mira Nedyalkova’s concept of art and her photographs, you will actually enhance your sensory skills and not only your technical abilities.

The reality of the shot, the intimacy of the interpretation

A physical and a mental journey to increase your knowledge, to follow a path inside yourself and be able to express it through a shot. A glimpse of reality interpreted through the camera and given to the outside world with tracks of yourself.

To immortalize the emotion inside of you, to have something different from the usual courses.

artistic philosophy

More than painting and photography, there is Art Photography, the fusion of two art forms, the explanation of a single reality observed from two points of view: the inner one and the artistic one. It’s a transposition of yourself, your concept of art and your artistic thought. It is not so important to study the various photographic techniques, it is important to find yourself and the concept of your own artistic philosophy within the photo. 
According to Mira, more than technique, it’s the emotion that matters. 
This is what she tries to express with each shot. 
Every shot is a thought, a path, a discovery.


Underwater. In the work of Mira Nedyalkova everything happens under water. It is water that is able to show the beauty of feelings, the depth of sensations, the versatility of emotions. Water is capable of killing and giving birth, of terrorizing, making one fall in love and shaping a feeling. Thanks to this element Mira Nedyalkova can fully express herself. 
Only water gives her the opportunity to express herself and see herself portrayed in the beauty of a shot. "I love the transparency and purity of water, the light and the reflections. For me, water is a very erotic element because of the contrast it has in itself ”.

Mira Nedyalkova.

Mira Nedyalkova is a photographer-painter, an artist who knows how to blend the two arts into one expression. Her main inspiration is water, her strength and her power. Water is an element capable of destroying and giving life, it’s a symbol of creation and destruction. It’s this bipolarity that characterizes the water that best allows her to express itself and her artistic concept. Mira does not look at the technique, she knows it, but she gives much more importance to her inner self. For her, photography must communicate something of her own intimacy: showing a fear, confessing a feeling, praising a sensation.

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